We kind live “in the middle of no where”.  We are out on the edge of what until just about a year or so ago, was pretty much a one horse town.  Its not small town like my beloved Mid-West Podunk population 500 if everyone is home that day, but small townish as in the closest grocery store is 10 miles away and if you need gas you better stop when you see a station because there isn’t one on every corner like “in the big city”.

Mama B calls it the Back40.  Anyway, due to the lack of gas stations on every corner, there are signs for everything! Sunscreens, Bulldog puppies, Houses for Sale or Rent etc… , the other day Hubs and I saw one for Nameofourtown singles .com.  We both started laughing, imagining the people who would be looking for a single in our town. We joked that whoever answered would be someone wearing a wife-beater t-shirt, driving a 1988 Camaro with T tops.  (I say that with the fondest memories, my cousin had a 88 Camaro that we spent many a summer tearing up country roads in). 

I decided yesterday to check the site out. Once I got there it was obvious it was a shared type domain that took you to the site from Yourtown .com.  The home page had people scantily clad laying on a beach.  Don’t I wish! The beach part, I could do without the lack of clothing.

Someone is going to be in for a rude awakening when they pack their picnic lunch and sunscreen and start looking for the waves out in our neck of the woods.


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