Under My Skin

A few minutes ago the phone at work rang. When I answered it there was a man on the other end. He wanted to know if I could hear him. I said “Yes”. (The previous time that the phone rang it was a bad connection and the person on the other end hung up, not sure that had anything to do with it or not).  He asked what our hours were. I told him. Then he said “One more thing”. I said “Yup?” He said “Mar your an idiot” and hung up.

I could care less if someone calls me an idiot to my face but to be so chicken shit as to block your number (I tried the * 6 9 option on the phone) and then just hang up, yeah that bothers me.  I assume he knew my name because 95% of the time I say Shop Name this is Mar when I answer the phone.  I am thinking not any more. 

Regardless, it kinda creeps me out.

One comment on “Under My Skin

  1. sarah bean says:

    Such a lot of loosers in the world.

    Hey Mar? You’re awesome.

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