True Colors.

Sunday was Hubs birthday. His mother started calling about a week ago wanting to know what he wanted to do for his birthday. Every day she would call him and when he said he didn’t know, she would call me and ask me what he wanted to do.

We for the most part have very busy schedules during the week with out much give, so we try very hard on the occasion we don’t have plans on the weekend to keep a day open to just go with the flow.

Saturday morning she  finally beat him down enough to get him to cry Uncle! and give in to her to plan dinner out.  He called her Sunday about 1:00 to firm up the plans.

This was her response: Oh! I forgot to call you. After I talked to you yesterday Boyfriend and I decided to go out of town and we are not going to be back in time to go.

She does this kind of shit ALL.THE.TIME.

I could see the disappointment on Hubs face. He said he didn’t care but I know him better than that.

I was so pissed. I am extremely protective of those who are mine and to have her do this to her own son, yet again, was more than I was willing to take. I started yelling at him but stopped myself rather quickly, realizing it was not his fault and that no one deserves to be yelled at on their birthday (or most likely any other day for that matter I suppose).

***She called last night and wanted to know how much dinner cost because she wanted to pay for it. She didn’t ask if we could go another time mind you.   I just told her MY parents paid for it and that made her crawl back into her hole, we will see how long she stays there now.