I Before E Except After C

A small foreword: There is no way in English language / alphabet that their last names do not come one right after the other; as in both last names start with the same letter and one is followed by “A” and the other by “E”.  Like Xaxxx  and Xexxxx, (see how bcd can’t fit?).

My mom picked Noodle up on Tuesday after her first day of school and brought her by work to see me and tell me about her day.

Me: Do you get to sit by who you wanted?

Noodle: (Puts her hands on her hips) NO! We had to sit  alphabetical  …

Me: (Thinking for a moment knowing M1 is in her class and that they are indeed in alphabetical order) *laughing* I am going to ask you again, Do you get to sit by who you wanted?

Noodle: No, we sit alphab….. OH! Well, yeah I get to sit by M1 (and what 12 year old would not want to sit by her BFF?) but thats not everyone I want to sit by.

Me: (As Noodle starts naming a list of girls a mile long she would also like to sit by) Um, you only have 2 sides.

Noodle: Oh, I guess I do.

Yeah, money well spent if you ask me :).