Why I Need A Job

We have a bathroom downstairs that is rarely used. If company is over that is the bathroom they use, but other than that it just sits and looks pretty.

I was cleaning the bath tub the other day (which I do every week, although no one has ever used it) and noticed the shower curtain still had the crease lines in it from when I took it out of the package 7 months ago and just hung it up.  Because I have been off for what seems like forever everything else in the house was spotless I decided I was going to iron the shower curtain. Yes, I said iron my shower curtain.

So I drug out the ironing board, which hasn’t seen the light of day in who knows how long, took down the shower curtain and started ironing.  After 20 minutes I still had creases. I decided, fine I will throw it in the washer that will get rid of the creases and the dryer will take out the wrinkles. 

I waited for the dryer to buzz and ran right in to take the shower curtain out as soon as it was done to avoid having to iron it again.

Long story short, it was back to the ironing board. I should have just left the creases, I think they were way less anyoying to me than the wrinkles I can’t seem to get out.


3 comments on “Why I Need A Job

  1. Susan says:

    hee hee…that’s funny. Slightly creepy in an OCD kind of way, but funny.

    My mom irons her bills. Whenever we get money for a holiday, you can bet the denomination of it that it was pressed with love.

    I iron bedskirts and shower curtains, too. I’ve only been twisted enough once to actually pull a bedskirt back off the bed to repress it so it would lay differently.

    Run the hot water for a few minutes 1. to get the shower some use and 2. to see if some of the wrinkles will fall out.

  2. Vixen says:

    Iron? Ironing board? Huh? Exactly what language are you speaking. Days off? Huh?

    Marlee, you got some splainin’ to do…

  3. sarah bean says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    Want to come visit my house for a while? Say, forever?

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