I am happy to report that the painting is done. There were no spills and even better no paint on the ceiling which is my typical painting trademark.

I am unhappy to report though as I was cleaning up the last of my efforts, Noodle announced that the laptop was dead. Seems we need a new power cord (I hope that is all it needs anyway), so hopefully there will be pictures soon.

Along with no pictures of the room there are also no photos for Shanny’sPhoBloDays.  I took pictures, I  just have no way to share them until a new cord comes. (I am posting from work).


 I know the suspense has been killing you so …. This is the color that comes up when I do a google search of Behr Marmalade. It is much more orange-ish on the walls and I love it.  I just need to print some picture to hang on the wall and it will be done, but of course the pictures are on the laptop so I will hurry up and wait to do that as well.


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