A Wile E Family Reunion


Our housing development backs up to a mountain preserve. When someone asks where we live and they don’t quite know where 555 A Street is, we point to the mountain and tell them as close as you can get without actually living on the mountain. Anyway…..

Last night Noodle was playing around the corner at the neighbors house and I decided to walk over and get her. (The neighbor boy usually walks her home, Cute I know, unless its YOUR daughter having boys escort her home HA!). I wanted to chat with the neighbor so I wondered over. It was about 9:00 as Noodle and I were walking home. Next thing I know Noodle says “Look someone’s dog got out!”. I stopped in my tracks, grabbed her and stood still for a few seconds.  There was not one dog, not two dogs, but EIGHT “dogs” that I counted as we stood there.  And no they were not dogs, but a pack of coyotes. Because I knew Noodle would freak out I said “Oh we need to go back to the neighbors real quick”.  I watched over my shoulder the entire 500 feet back to their house and Noodle asked again and again why we were not helping the dog. I took the liberty of letting myself into the neighbors garage (with the handy little pin pad) instead of ringing the door bell. Again Noodle wanted to know what we were doing. Once we were inside the neighbors house, I told her what the “dog” really was. I was right, instant freak out. She refused to walk home and we had to call Hubs to come over and pick us up.

We see coyotes on a fairly regular basis and I know they are supposed to be more scared of us than we are of them, but I have never seen more than 2 at time together and I wasn’t willing to take any chances.  As we drove around the corner we saw them all running down the street back towards the mountain.  Lets hope they don’t come back any time soon.


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