You Say Its Your Birthday….

6,151,680 Minutes, 12,045 Days, 1,716 Weeks, or 396 Months.  Sounds like a long time doesn’t it? Noodle told me “That’s Only A Little Bit Old”.  So how did we celebrate my 33rd year?


molly 029 The only way you can when its 115 outside.  With swimming.

 molly 033 And playing with motorcycles.

molly 039 And cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Not only is it my birthday though its GOTCHA DAY!


molly 043 molly 047  23 years ago, my aunt and uncle were handed not one but two sweet babies (TWINS!) that were welcomed into our family with open arms. I bet you don’t remember what you got for your 10th birthday, I still tell them it was my best one by far. The only thing that could have made yesterday better would have been to have both girls with us.  But when you live 2,500 miles away we will take what we can get.  (I had just gotten out of the pool , do me a favor and don’t look too close). 

Its never easy to live far away from home, but they have snow and we have this… 


molly 053


3 comments on “You Say Its Your Birthday….

  1. Michelle says:


  2. vixensden says:

    Happy Birthday (I am always late!!!!!!!!!!argh)

  3. sarah bean says:

    happy birthday 🙂

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