Good For Me. Not For Them.

Last night Noodle and I stopped at our favorite Tar-Jay store to get dog food. We circled the store picking up a few other necessities and some other random things that we most likely did not need but bought anyway.  After our shopping expedition was done we jumped into the shortest line and dumped our stuff on the counter. I left the 50 pound bag of dog food in the cart. Stuck on the bag was a $5.00 coupon that I pulled off and waited until our order was rung up before I handed it to the cashier.

What I have failed to mention is that our cashier was a perky little teeny bopper, who was 100% oblivious as to what was going on around her as her boyfriend was standing off to the side of her register talking to her about Peter’s party that was happening later. (I just went back and re-read that I wonder if it really was Peter’s party or a Peter party…?).

My total was something like $65.00 ish. I asked her, having  not noticed her scan my big bag of dog food, if she got my dog food.  $65.00 didn’t sound like quite enough but she looked at the register screen said “Yup” so I handed her the coupon. Off came the $5.00.

I paid, shoved the receipt in my purse took Noodle to the snack bar for an Icee and some popcorn and off we went. When we got home I took out my receipt to look to see how much something else was. Guess who didn’t pay for her dog food?  I had also bought dog cookies and that must have been what she saw when she looked (if she even really did). I guess not only did I not pay for dog food, Tar-Jay in a sense paid me $5.00 (because of my coupon) to shop at their store.

Usually it would have bothered me that I didn’t pay for something but in this case not so much. 


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