Take Me Out To Ballgame AGAIN!

Saturday night the girls had softball practice. Big surprise I know. Being the fabulous mothers that we are we sent the girls with their dad’s to practice and MamaB and I went shopping. (It was only to the grocery store, but that doesn’t sound as fun or very glamorous). As we were checking out and dividing our goods (we shared a cart, I know awww…) we were laughing as usual. The cashier did a double take.

Cashier: Are you guys sisters?

MamaB: No.

(We look nothing alike, it would be like comparing these two guys)

Cashier: Well do you tan at the same place?

MamaB and Mar in unison: At the ballpark!

A little left of center if you ask me but whatever. The good news seems to be that we are getting more than we bargained for when we signed the girls up to play ball. Maybe they should add Free Tanning For Parents! to the registration forms. 

Tonight is our last regular season game. The past few games have been intense. Our team is kicking A$$. Its ALL about winning.  It is not about winning. It is about learning the game,  good sportsmanship ,making new friends, and most importantly WINNING! trying your best.  As I understand the very complicated “scoring” the best we can finish is 2nd. BUT! And a very big but (He he) it is… Where you finish in the regular season really only places you in the tournaments. The way the tournament was set up in the dark ages when they started the ball club is a double elimination tournament. (Logically the last place team could come from behind and win it all).  So as it turns out 2nd is really a better spot to be in than 1st. 1st place will get the first “By”. Which means we will play either 5th or 6th place, most likely eliminating them. Which then gives us the next “By”, forcing 1st to play 3rd a better team than 5th or 6th  making them work a bit harder AND giving us a small break before (if we indeed beat 5th or 6th) playing whoever wins 1st vs. 3rd. Are you confused yet? Good. Me too.

So cross your fingers that the girls have fun tonight and play their best. It is still about 112 out and will remain in the upper 100’s well into the evening. They really are troopers. Hot, sweaty and stinky, but troopers none the less.

 If you happen by the ballpark tonight I will be  the one right behind home plate with the great tan biting my nails.


2 comments on “Take Me Out To Ballgame AGAIN!

  1. thebeanbag says:

    Do you *tan* at the same place!!???! What the heck kind of question is that!!?
    Wow, we have really dull cashier chat in comparison, here in nz. lol.

  2. thebeanbag says:

    oh ps *blush* – good luck to your girls 😀

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