At Least I Tried.

The house next door was finished about 6 weeks after ours so it has sat empty for about 4.5 months. Imagine my surprise the other night when I went outside about 8:00 and low and behold there was a UHaul and truck on the driveway.

I was on my way around the block to see my friend real quick and just said hello as I ran by.

On my way back I told myself to quit being a stuck up bitch and just stop and talk to them for a minute.

They looked so tired and frazzled. The woman explained they had just gotten here after driving the past two days.  They had a ton of kids.

Trying to be nice I offered them a cold beer or pop knowing the fridge in our garage had both.

They nicely declined. I tried again telling them that really it was no problem blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, turns out they are LDS and don’t drink alcohol or caffeine.

I am such an ass sometimes. I should stick to being anti-social I guess.


3 comments on “At Least I Tried.

  1. Vixen says:

    It is not your fault. I must have done that 200+ times in Utah. You think I would learn, but it took years…duh.

    After my 15 years of training as the only non LDS resident in the ‘hood, I knew where this was going as soon as you said they had a ton of kids, LOL. Then I read it outloud to Mr. Vixen and he jumped in at the same spot (before he even knew they declined) and laughed and said “Bet they’re Mormon.”

    This story probably is a lot funnier to us.

  2. vixensden says:

    Umm, ya…I was logged in under my private family blog when I posted that last comment….could you please change my name to Vixen? I would rather that link isn’t running around out in the real world.


  3. Susan says:

    Nah…you get the points for trying. From now on, go up the block on the other side of the street – pure avoidance remedies all that can be awkward.

    I’ll take you up on the beer.

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