Just A Lazy Sunday

Don’t I wish! With our backyard being just dirt and all the construction around us we fight a never ending battle with everything in our house being covered in a fine layer of dirt all the time. This morning I started by cleaning all the windows, blinds and window seals downstairs. If that was not enough fun for one day then it was time to tackle the floors.


sps 2 001 If I was cool enough or clever enough to add words to my pictures I would label everything and tell you what it was but alas I am not so here is a quick rundown. All the shoes on the bottom of the stairs? Yup! All mine. Do you think anyone else could see them there though and drag them upstairs? Nope!  Ok the floors – we have LOTS and LOTS of tile. I start with the broom and sweep up all the dirt and dog hair I can get. Then I vacuum with the yellow one, then I use the Swiffer to get the spots I can see, then I use the love of my life Bissell for the wet mop part of it. It takes me about 2.5 hours to do the downstairs, you know just long enough for where I started to be covered in dog hair and dust again.  I can’t believe I am going to show you this next picture.

sps 2 002 This is after I have used the broom, vacuum and Swiffer. We have so much dirt it isn’t even funny. Fortunately I picked a tile that hides all that gunk pretty well. It has probably been 2 weeks since I mopped, but I do sweep the floor every night. You can say it Ewww…… i just don’t have time to do it more often.

While I was working on the floors and windows (and doing laundry in between) this is what poor poor Hubs has been doing…


sps 2 004 sps 2 006 sps 2 005 God Bless Him! He is getting the yard ready to get the landscaping done to hopefully get rid of some of the dirt. I at least got to suffer inside in the nice AC.


While we were busy doing all of these things…



sps 2 003Thing 1 and Thing 2 felt the need to nap. (On nice clean beds might I add). I am sure we are cramping their style and they will be happy when we return to work tomorrow and get out of their house and stop making so much noise.


We will all be going to bed early tonight. Noodle has softball camp all this week which means we have to get up at 5 to leave the house by 6 to have her there by 7.  In case you were wondering this is in addition to softball practice and games that we also have every night this week.  Remind me again why they call it summer vacation?


One comment on “Just A Lazy Sunday

  1. Vixen says:

    If you came to my house and cleaned my floors just once every two months with all those gadgets, they would be much cleaner than I ever get them.

    You’re hired.

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