My buddy ShannyMar tagged me for a 10 random or weird facts, habits or goals about yourself meme.  Here goes:

  1. More often than not, I wear my underwear inside out. I usually notice the first time I go to the bathroom after I am dressed. I don’t do it on purpose. It just happens.
  2. I loose money all the time. I am notorious for just shoving some cash in my pocket and going on my way. Its a horrible habit that I just can’t seem to break.
  3. Adding to #2, I leave my purse in the truck in places I should not.  Especially at the grocery store. I don’t want to carry it over my arm when I am trying to get what I need and it scares me to leave it sitting in the cart where I turn away from it all the time.
  4. My BFF and I had a HUGE falling out misunderstanding fight at Noodle’s birthday party. I am not saying she was 100% to blame but she reacted to something simple in the wrong way. She has tried over and over to apologize and make things better. I am having a terrible time letting her back in.
  5. When I had Noodle I did it O Nat.U.Ral. No so much as a tylenol thankyouverymuch.  It really wasn’t planned that way. It just happened. This could be why she is an only child :).
  6. We would like another child some day. We are looking at the options available. Love makes a family, not blood.
  7. There is no place I would rather be than outside. Unless it is outside in my beloved Podunk.
  8. Hubs and I would eat red meat everyday. Noodle will not as so much allow a piece of meat of any kind on her plate.  Go figure.
  9. Have I ever told you “famous” people shop in my store? I haven’t seen anyone lately but Alice C00per is a semi-regular, L0uis Anders0n is a nice as pie and J0die F0ster will leave as soon as someone recognizes her. (She has not been here for a very long time) I don’t blame her, she just wants to shop like a “regular” person. 
  10.  I took 4 years of French in high school against most people’s better judgement.  I was sure it would take me all kinds of places. I would be hard pressed to be able to attempt to speak it these days let alone count on it to get me anything more than a 42 cent stamp at the post office.



2 comments on “Tagged.

  1. Vixen says:

    You know that happens with my underwear too. And I took two years of French. You know, so I could be an exchange student. Ha ha. I don’t think I can count past three

  2. ProjectMommy says:

    I thought I was alone with the whole underwear thing! Ha! You had Noodle without drugs?! OUCH!

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