Self Portrait Saturday

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Just like I promised.  Because I was up nice and early and had everything else done I decided it was time to clean out the pantry. To most the before pictures probably don’t look too bad. To me ? They were enough to make me want to have a panic attack. I am a bit of a neat freak to say the least. (After the pantry I dusted my plant for 45 minutes. Someone save me!!)


Sat AM misc 164      Sat AM misc 177


It drives me nuts when they don’t put the stuff right back where they got it from. How hard is it really? 

Not a self portrait, but a little look at “me”.

If you will excuse me, the fridge in the garage is calling my name.


But how about a bonus picture because she is so cute. This is Margaret, my baby sister. You can call her Maggie.



 Sat AM misc 154


3 comments on “Self Portrait Saturday

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    That dog is too cute! I gave up long ago on our pantry organization!

  2. Vixen says:

    I don’t understand why my husband can’t put the dishes away in the right place. It’s not like he doesn’t know or that he doesn’t see me rearrange every.single.thing right behind him!

    My pantry (if I had one) would never look that neat.

    Hi Maggie!

  3. Michelle says:

    My husband always complains about the state of the pantry. But when I reorganized it, HE was the one who couldn’t seem to put things back where they belong. Funny how quickly it gets messy when people can’t put things in their proper place.

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