The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Have I ever mentioned how mean and nasty 12 year old girls can be to each other?  Things have finally calmed down but for about 2 or 3 weeks it was touch and go. Lots and lots of she said / she said things. Picking sides. My guess is alot of it has do with those yucky smelly boys that really don’t seem so bad after all anymore. ( I don’t have to worry about boys because Vixen and I have a pact that we are sending Noodle and Bear to the convent together ASAP).

So one little boy who was “on the other side” told his mom that M1 was cussing at school  (I guess boys can play mean too) all the time. I told her there was no way that M1 was smart enough to cuss like a sailor at school and never let it slip at home because M1 and I both know Mama B would be all over that like white on rice.  I relayed the story to Mama B at the ball park and we sat and waited for practice to be over so we could ask them about it.

M1 and Noodle strolled over and immediately gave each other the look (Kinda like oh shit what did we do now?) when Mama B told them she wanted to ask them something.

Mama B – Have you been cussing at school?

M1- Not me!

Noodle – (Slowly starts putting her head down)

Mama B – Soandso said you were

M1 – Well soandso says it too!

Mama B and Mar – Ah Ha! You said too! As in you do it as well.

Noodle – (Not making eye contact and digging in the dirt with her shoe)

Mama B – Noodle? What have you been saying

Noodle – Uh um…..

Mama B – M1? What have you been saying

M1 – (Whistling Dixie, looking around like a lost little girl)

Mama B – Noodle?

Noodle – Well…. We said SHIT!

(We expected them to say quietly whisper the word or maybe say I said the “F” word or the “s” word, but nope, Noodle was loud and proud, loud and proud).

It took both Mama B and I by surprise, we took one look at each other and you guessed it! Burst out laughing.  GrandmaB was standing close by and came over to take charge.

GrandmaB – I can see your mother’s need a little help. Next time you feel the need to say something just say Poop!

(GrandmaB uses a few choice words herself and though it was funny as well, she was just actually grown up about it).

I then told the girls that was there one “Freebie” and if I heard that either one of them were cussing at school again, Mama B and I would each have a brand new cell phone (cause they would get theirs taken away). I am thinking Poop! was sounding better and better to them the longer we stood there.

It has been about two weeks since the incident and I haven’t heard anymore rumblings about the BFF’s and their potty mouths. I really am not stupid enough to think that it isn’t happening at all, they have just gotten smarter about who they may be saying it around.

They are though quick to report on Soandso everytime he drops a bomb. Poor boy is going to learn early not to cross a woman.  Especially either one of those two.


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