Late to the Party

Did you notice I didn’t make it back yesterday to do Nanny’s  self portrait Saturday? No?  Well then I guess I just gave myself away.


House 0 022

I had every intention of posting a picture as soon as I got home BUT I forgot we had a par-tay to get to. M2 made her 1st Communion yesterday and we had some serious celebrating to do. By the time we got home it was today (1:30 am) so I missed Saturday anyway. I was going to get up and do it today but I realized I left the camera at the B house. You will have to settle for this self portrait me and my Noodle. I think it was from October but we still look the same, promise.


We had a great time as usual with our friends. Hubs was a little concerned when I made him run back in the house and grab the Captain Morgan, he was concerned it was a party for M2 and that there should not be alcohol consumed. That is when I reminded him we are Catholic and that is the way we roll. It was so nice out last night we all just sat outside around the pool and laughed until our sides hurt. I looked at my watch at about 9:30 pm and told Hubs we were going to go when he was done with his drink. By the time I looked again it was 1:00 am. Time does fly when you are having fun.


We have another long and busy week ahead of us. Work, school, 3 softball games and 2 practices. Our reward at the end of the week will be a visit from my Grandma.  She will be here for 2 weeks and no one is more excited than Noodle herself.


Little plaid skirts are calling my name needing to be ironed for the week. I guess its not all fun and games after all.


2 comments on “Late to the Party

  1. vixensden says:

    Look how cute Noodle is laughing. “We are Catholic and that is how we roll”…Exactly. I think if there was no alcohol consumed by the adults at a communion the kids were think we were unhappy with them, lol.

    You are both adorable. Have fun ironing those little plaid skirts. I don’t miss those days, but I do miss the skirts. So cute.

  2. ProjectMommy says:

    Hey, I say it still counts! You two are adoarble! Someone looks just like her MOM. You guys could be twins!

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