One Step Forward, About 10 Back

The electrician came this morning to move an electrical outlet  that is / was above the cabinet in the kitchen.


cabinet 002

You can see where it was and where it is now. See the outlet was an option that we paid for but it was supposed to be “hidden at cabinet level” according to the paperwork we received. I have bitched and complained about it since day one.  No one has been willing to do much about it. The response I get is “Put something in front of it”. As you can see, I have put what I want in front of it, and you can still see it. Imagine if I had something plugged in how stupid it would look.


Anyway about a week or so again our super called and wanted to make sure I was going to fill out the survey the builder was sending. I said I would be happy to as soon as he fixed my outlet.  Low and behold, it is now moved.


So I got my way did I?



cabinet 003


Not so much. That my friends is the molding off the front of my cabinet that the electrician accidentally broke off. 



cabinet 002

If you look close you can see the molding on the cabinet above the microwave that is raised.


Looks like I will be taking another day off to wait for the dry wall guy AND the cabinet people now.


One comment on “One Step Forward, About 10 Back

  1. projectmommy says:

    How frustrating! That is a weird place to put an outlet, huh?

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