I Could Get Used To This

This was supposed to be the weekend that we went to Vegas.  This was also the week we were supposed to be in Panama had Hubs not gotten the new job.  I will tell you I was very disappointed about Panama and then when Vegas didn’t work out I figured it was just my luck.

Backtracking just a bit, there has not been a night in the past 3 weeks that we have been home before 7:30 which means not a chance in hell of eating dinner before 8:00, and that is if we were lucky.  It has been a mix between softball practice for Noodle and meetings for me and Hubs working late. To say the least we were all crabby and worn out mentally and pretty much physically.

I have to say now, not going to Vegas has been a blessing in disguise. We have slept lots and lots and have pretty much just stayed close to home and hung out.  The best part? Noodle and I still have the next 2 days off.  This has lightened the load as we have been able to just take our time getting things done around the house and not running every time the dryer buzzes to switch the laundry this weekend. 

It was a gorgeous day here today and we spent about an hour at the park with the Things who are now both laying by my feet snoring so loudly I have to keep turning up the tv to hear it.  Noodle is also sound asleep on the other end of the couch.

Tomorrow we are not leaving the house and will again lay around and not put forth any more energy than we need to. 

Tuesday we have a few little errands to run but again I don’t anticipate breaking a sweat.

This weekend has been better for us than any vacation we could have went on.

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3 comments on “I Could Get Used To This

  1. Vixen says:

    What a fantastic weekend and two more days off? Lucky!!!

  2. ProjectMommy says:

    Well I’m glad not going to Vegas actually worked out better. Enjoy the two day break!

  3. projectmommy says:

    Ugggh. Why is it that it keeps automatically signing me into my old site and so every time I leave a comment it links to there? Sorry! I’ll have to fix that!

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