Deep Thoughts

Saturday night we had some of our peeps over to drink beer  play Wii. (Pictures forthcoming).  Mrs. Peeps asked me for a toothpick while she was there. I took the box out of the pantry and handed it to her as she burst out laughing.

Mrs. Peeps : You won’t reach into the box to get me a toothpick (as in not wanting to touch it before she puts it in her mouth) but you will let me reach in and take one (in turn most likely touching several others than someone else will most likely eventually put into their own mouth).

Shit. I thought I was up on my toothpick etiquette. So if it was you and you came to my house to  drink beer play Wii and needed a toothpick would you want me to hand you one or reach in the box and and get your own?

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2 comments on “Deep Thoughts

  1. vixensden says:

    I am sadly out of touch. We got the beer drinking and Wii down, but toothpick etiquette? I am in the dark. Maybe I should just go to a restaurant and get a bunch of those individually wrapped plastic ones?

  2. ProjectMommy says:

    That sounds like an awesome nigh at my house! But sadly we are always out of toothpicks because my hubby is a toothpick-aholic.

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