Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Noodle’s school participates in a program called Scr1p. For those who do not know what this is, the short version is you buy gift cards from the school to use when you shop and the school gets a percentage back.

There are several places that I will not go to if I don’t have gift cards because I feel guilty about not using them when I can. I always, always, always make sure I have grocery, gas (when I know I need it) and fast food cards. If we are going out for dinner we will only go to a place where I have cards to, or we plan ahead so I have time to get them.

K0lh’s is one of the few store that would let you pay on your account with the cards. It was a win-win for me. Shop when they have a sale, use their credit card, get the additional % off they were giving for using the credit card, then pay it off with scr1p and get a % off tuition.

One morning last week I was buying scr1p and had K0lh’s on my order. The mom that runs the program told me you could no longer pay on your account with gift cards. A big bummer, but ok I understand (this will cut way down on my K0hl’s shopping though).

I went to K0hl’s to pay my bill and asked just to make sure about the gift cards. Nope can’t use them for payment anymore. I pull out my debit card. So sorry, they can’t accept a debit card as payment either. WTF? I had $2.56 in my purse so that wasn’t going to get me anywhere. (Yeah, I waited until the last day it was due to pay it).  They would however take a check. Hum…. no debit but a check that comes from the same place. Fine, I wrote them a check. But I still can’t figure out the difference in the two.  Why would you want to take a check that may bounce over a debit that comes out directly and you know is good.


2 comments on “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

  1. projectmommy says:

    Makes no sense to me? I guess they feel like taking the risk!

  2. vixensden says:

    I hear from someone who works in a bank, that lot’s of companies are now getting charged by the banks a small fee when debit cards are used. It’s silly.

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