We are constantly finding flyers on our front door. I would say there are at least 3 a day. Mostly for landscaping services and other new house junk. Hubs brought them in the other day to throw them away and there was one from a neighbor issuing an invitation to come to her house for a card making party. I love to scrapbook and do all things crafty so for a second I was very excited. Then my heart starting beating and my palms got sweaty. I have slight panic attacks when I think about meeting new people. I would love to go and meet the neighbor and be nice but the thought of being in a room with a group of people with no one else I know is a bit uncomfortable for me.

This is funny because once I get to know you – look out my anxiety goes out the window I will talk your ear off.  I reread the note and noticed it said to bring a friend. All righty! Problem solved. I called my girl C on the phone and she said she would go.  Now I just have to make myself actually call and say I am coming.



2 comments on “Chicken

  1. Vixen says:

    You are a big chicken. I am the same way though. You want me to call for you?

  2. projectmommy says:

    I have social anxiety as well. Probably why I’ve had the same friend’s for the past ten years. You should go though!

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