Look Who It Is!

Look Who It Is!
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As I hang my head in shame I will admit I loved NKOTB growing up. My walls were covered in their posters and I spent every penny I made on every licensing gimmick they ever came out with. (It is all still in the closet at my parents house – I don’t want them at MY house, but can’t make myself throw them away either).

I heard on the radio a few mornings ago that they were going to be on the Tod@y Show this Friday morning. I went home that night and set up the tivo to record it. I told Katie it was just because I wanted to see what they looked like now. I guess I don’t have to watch now… but I will! Hey Mimi, are you going to watch it to?

 When I was a freshman in high school (see the shame? not when I was 8 or 9, I was 13 or 14) a store at the mall was giving away concert tickets. (This was after we had purchased tickets, only to have the show we were going to be cancelled). All you had to do was donate a can of food and they would enter your name in the drawing. I remember being so embarrassed carrying my can of tuna fish through the mall  (the things you do for love) and practically running to the store to drop it off.  About a week later the phone rang and not only was I a winner! I was a front row winner!! I screamed and yelled and danced around the kitchen. I couldn’t wait to call my friend and tell her we were going to the concert. My dad, still to this day, reminds me about how he drove us all the way over to the venue (it was way on the other side of town) and sat in the parking lot with all the other parents for 5 hours while we went to the concert. I am nice enough to remind him he did have a 6″ black and white portable TV that picked up one channel he could watch.  Oh the good old days.

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One comment on “Look Who It Is!

  1. vixensden says:

    Poor me. Too old to have enjoyed NKOTB myself and my kids too young. Oh the sadness.

    Your Dad had a tv in his car? My husband did the same thing when the kids were young and busy. I never would have thought of it, but they did. Strange.

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