Viva No Where

Man am I bummed. Hubs and I  were supposed to go away for the weekend with Mama B and Papa B in April to Vegas.  Both Grandma’s willingly and without guilt offered to watch the kiddos ( I should have know then it was too good to be true). Hubs was 95% sure he would be able to go (remember he got a new job that I haven’t told you about yet, but promised that I would and I suck  am sorry about that) but he had to wait and see because he  was hiring another person that started today  and was pretty sure he would be able to take a day off to go once he got some help.

Now, the person he hired was someone who had worked for him before and when he told me he was re-hiring him I was none to happy and warned him to be careful. Oh no he assured me, he has grown up and changed and will be great! Hubs sent me a text a little while ago:

Hubs: He went to lunch and sent me a text and said he wasn’t coming back.

Mar: Are you kidding me?

Hubs: Nope, he is gone.

Mar: I told you he was a f*cking a$$ hole.

Yes, I am pissed that it looks like we will not be going to Vegas now  but I am more mad that this punk has screwed Hubs over yet again (and a tidge bit that Hubs let it happen).

I don’t understand why or how people get away this type of thing. Why is it that they think the world owes them and everything should be handed to them?

I guess I will be enjoying my fruity beverages without little umbrellas in them from the picnic table in my backyard come that weekend in April.


2 comments on “Viva No Where

  1. vixensden says:

    Oh no. That little punk. There is an entire generation out there that thinks they are owed something. I don’t get it. Sorry about your Vegas trip, that sucks.

  2. ProjectMommy says:

    Aww, I’m sorry the lazy bastard ruined your trip. We shall all dress up as cable men and take a visit to his house. When he opens the door we will beat him with a large fish and scream “Ha! That’s for Las Vegas!” That’ll show him.


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