Round and Round They Go

Noodle and I kicked off her spring break by going shopping. Sadly, we went shopping for ceiling fans. It has gotten to the point that is too warm to sleep upstairs without 1) ceiling fans or 2) turn on the  AC. I for one am not ready to opt for #2.

I drug the poor girl all over town trying to find something I liked and would “go” in the house. I knew exactly what I wanted for Noodle’s room but the other two rooms not so much.

We must have driven 100 miles and were in and out of store after store. Noodle was a trooper for about the first hour or so but then decided it was no fun (I decided the same thing) and wasn’t the most cooperative but didn’t complain too much. Finally, I found the one I wanted!! Of course it was the one fan without a sticker / tag on it telling you where on the shelf you could find it. Noodle, took it upon herself to look at each and every box so we could get the hell out of there to help me find it. After no luck with that I asked someone for help. Guess what? He couldn’t find it either. So he asked someone else. Come to find out, they don’t carry the fan.

WTF? It is hanging there with a price tag on it but you don’t carry it? They tried and tried to talk me into a different fan but I wasn’t having any of it. They offered to sell me the one they had hanging up but couldn’t promise it was all there (?) or that it worked.  Oh yes please! Sell me a non-functional ceiling fan. That will serve a purpose. 

Back into the truck and a few more stops and I ended up finding 2 I liked. Turns out I liked them much more in the store than I do now that Hubs spent the last 3 nights hanging them but they will be fine. (They are nice fans, the coloring is just off a bit from the rooms they are in but maybe it is just me (HA!) and no one else will think anything of it).

After the great ceiling fan fiasco of 2008 and feeling guilty for subjecting Noodle to such torture I took her here.  Talk about torture. I hate that store with a passion. Anyway, Noodle had some gift cards from her birthday which were burning a hole in her pocket that I encouraged her to spend every penny of (had you seen the look of shear shock and then glee on her face you would realize we have some pretty strong rules when it comes to spending at our house) she was in hog heaven. (I can tell all you nice people it was purely a selfish gesture on my part as if she spent it all, I would not have to be subjected to going back anytime soon).  Noodle lovingly fondled all the shit  all the bling bling in the store before making her big decisions and 45 minutes later we were on our way home.

 I am happy to report that we are sleeping cool as cucumbers, which is nice because it keeps me from getting up at night and going  in and check on Noodle and have to try to avoid the land mines of  her “treasures” to 2:00 am with no shoes on that have become floor decorations.

 Money well spent for both of us in our own humble opinions.


One comment on “Round and Round They Go

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    Ceiling fans are fun for young girls, right?

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