My Secret Is Out.

Bossman does E$tate Sales sometimes in his spare time.  I have a small list of things that we need want. A refrigerator for the garage was numero uno on the list. Turns out he is having sale this weekend and there is a fridge there.  This was the conversation:

BM: I have a fridge at my sale

Me: How much?

BM: $200.00, there is also a stand up freezer there.

Me: Thanks but we only need the fridge to keep extra pop and water in, we are ok on freezer space.

BM: I understand  $200.00 is too much to spend to keep your food frozen but it is well worth it to keep your beer cold.

Me: Yeah, pretty much.

 (Feel free to stop by Saturday afternoon there will cold beer in the garage!!).

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One comment on “My Secret Is Out.

  1. vixensden says:

    I think its a couple hours (6-7?) drive….what time do you think the beer will be real cold so I can properly choose a departure time?

    Oh and on a side note…my brother is moving back to AZ from TN in a few months….will that make it close enough that when I visit him I can swing by?????

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