7 Weird Things MeMe

7 weird or rendom things I was tagged by Shannon at Project Mommy for a 7 Weird Things About Me. At first I didn’t think I could come up with 7 things that I thought were weird until I really started thinking about it. Now, I think I could do a 77 weird things meme.  Without further ado:

  1. When I was 3 I shaved my eyebrows off. (My dad left his razor on the sink and I found it. The day before my mom took my brother and I for pictures)
  2. I love peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches. They have to be open faced (no top) with the peanut butter on the bottom. My dad was the only other person in the world I knew who would eat them until one day Mama B and I were talking and some how the conversation came up and guess what! She loves them to. It was decided right then and there we would be BFFs. (I also love ketchup with my grilled cheese, but I think lots of other people do as well).
  3. I can not, can not, can not brush my teeth without the water running. Yes I am well aware at the amount of water that I must waste but its the only way I can do it. (When we are camping I have to sike myself up for brushing my teeth with just a cup of water. Eww. I think it is because I feel like I need the running water to get my tooth brush clean).
  4. I will not eat pepperoni. I think I have blogged about this before. My uncle had a goat named Calvin, one day we went to visit and naughty Calvin was gone. I asked where he went and my uncle said he sent him to the pepperoni factory. Game Over. No more pepperoni for me.
  5. My mom has 8 brothers and sisters. Each second born child of each sibling is left handed. I am the second born to my mother making me left handed. There are 8 left handed grand children and 23 that are not. The 8 of us who are left handed are also the only ones of the 31 who do not wear glasses.  Genetics is a funny thing.
  6. I had my first snow day in school when I was in kindergarten. I had my second snow day my last year of college. Full circle maybe?
  7. I can not sleep if I know there are dirty dishes in my sink. I can be dog ass tired and if there are dishes in the sink I will toss and turn until I get up and wash them. (For those of you who know how much I love my sleep this is saying alot!).
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3 comments on “7 Weird Things MeMe

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    Haha! I shaved off one (just ONE-which I think was more noticable then if I had just gone ahead and done the other one) but I was eight, and visiting my Aunt. Boy was she shocked when I came out of the bathroom!

    ps. I wouldn’t eat peperoni after that either, man I would be scarred for life!

  2. vixensden says:

    What is it with all you eyebrow shavers? And number 2….ewwww. I hope we can still be friends, but ewww.

    She tagged me for this also…I am slow, as usual. But eventually I will get it done.

  3. Michelle says:

    I find #5 absolutely fascinating. You should enter your family in some sort of genetics study or something.

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