Just Junk

As you can guess, we are home from the dunes. We had a great, although short, trip. Everyone came home in one piece and the quads did to. Those things if nothing else makes it a successful trip if you ask me.

I didn’t take many pictures but did get a few cute ones. Sadly for some reason my Internet at home has decided it hates me and will not work. Hopefully Hubs will have time to figure it out tonight when he gets home as I will be sitting in yet another boring meeting trying to act like I care. Pictures soon, I hope.  (Of the dunes, not me in my meeting ;0)

It has been a rough week for our extended family. My cousin’s grandma died on Friday and my grandpa’s sister in law (my  great aunt) died on Monday. One we knew was coming, the other hit like a ton of bricks. Both hurt just the same.

Noodle’s friend continues to improve slowly. Oh so slowly. She still has not woken up (17 days post accident) but they are still hopeful. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated by everyone close to her.

So many more things to blog about, just so little time. Damn work for getting in the way.


One comment on “Just Junk

  1. vixensden says:

    Did you wave to me as you passed?

    Prayers still flowing to you, your family, and for Noodle’s friend.

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