Growing Pains

Noodle has been eating like a horse lately. Not only does she eat alot, she would eat all day long if she could. The part of this that slightly concerns me is not only is she not getting any heavier,  (the girl is all damn legs, heaven help us when she is 16) her clothes continue to get looser and looser on her.

 Imagine my dismay when a day a few weeks ago she told me her school skirts didn’t fit her anymore. All I could think was it will be summer in 2 months/ the uniform store is all the way on the other side of town / if I have to buy more skirts now they surely won’t fit come August / man are those skirts expensive. Yeah, the ones she has now are falling off of her.  (For all of you sewing types, from someone who can’t sew a button on, they are pleated with a straight front and an elastic back so there really isn’t an easy way to alter them) The only time the girl sits still is when she is sleeping and even then she is a wiggle worm. I looked in a box of outgrown (HA!) clothes and found a couple of smaller skirts that I was waiting to give away.  Crisis averted for today.

I have to buy all of her jeans at stores with adjustable waist (Old Navy, and The Children’s Place and sometime Target has them) in a size 12 or 14 for length and pull them as tight as we can and then she still wears a belt to help keep them up.  My best guess is she is a size 7 or 8 around the waist. Don’t we all wish we had the same problem? 

As it is turning into shorts season here I have visions of her wearing little “Daisy Dukes” for the same reason, no waist and all legs. Shorts season also brings swim team and summer league softball. Which in turn brings a beautiful tan and the most gorgeous natural highlights in her hair you have ever seen. 

I think Sister Mary Noodle has a nice ring to it, don’t you?


One comment on “Growing Pains

  1. vixensden says:

    Sister Mary Noodle has an exceptional ring to it!

    I had the same problem with Bear, all legs and skinny waist! She still eats all day and never gains a pound. Luckily for you when she moves up to junior sizes you can get a size 0 or 1 in a long length. Then they fit a bit better around the waist, but are long enough for those legs.

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