Week In Preview

I am sitting here watching paint dry. Literally. They came last week to fix the holes in the ceiling and are back today painting.  The good news is that I have tv to watch while they are here, as watching the paint really isn’t as exciting as it seems.

As soon as the painters are gone I am off for a much needed haircut. The shaggy dog look must go. My hair girl has been on maternity leave for months is seems like, but fortunately is a good friend and said she would just do it at her house. I am also in desperate need of a color touch up but at this point I will take what I can get.  And I will get to see the new baby!!

BFF and her lovely family are coming home Wednesday for Noodle’s birthday this weekend. We have not seen them since Little Mister (who has informed me he is no longer little *sigh*) turned 4 in August. I am looking foward to it very much. BFF doesn’t yet know that Friends A and B are both pregnant so it will be exciting to see her reaction.

Speaking of a birthday party… My girl is going to be 12 this weekend. I really just can’t believe it. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it. I did stop at the Red Bullseye and knocked off her birthday shopping this morning. She is pretty easy to please so I think she will be happy with the goods.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Is Daytona. We luv us some Nascar at our casa and can’t wait.  Racing and birthday cake from C0stc0. Its gonna be a good day.

Hope y’all had a great weekend and fun stuff to look forward to this week.


One comment on “Week In Preview

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    Oh my gosh 12? They grow so fast…So I’m guessing no Elmo theme for this years birthday party? ; D

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