Its Gonna Be A Long One

My mother is going to work with me today at my shop.


7 hours.

I think I can, I think I can. 

Oh hell who am I kidding… its gonna suck.

If I don’t come back its because I put myself out of my misery.

If I Knew Then…

When I was at work the other day, not doing a damn thing  making money for everyone else but me  earning my keep, I was downloading new ringtones for my cell phone.

I came across “Why’d You Come in Here Looking Like That” by Dolly Parton. I had to have it for my cousin M. The summer we were 12 and oh so naughty   she sang the song nonstop. Now looking back it is pretty funny, then we used to hide from her so we didn’t have to hear it one more time.

This morning on the way to school I told Noodle that I finally remembered to tell M when she called that I had downloaded the ringtone just for her. (M and I laughed and laughed when I told her).

Noodle wanted to know why the song was special. I grinned and told her it all started the summer I was 12. Then she said “I am going to be 12 this summer”.  That is when I drove off the road thinking that OMG! She is old enough to do the things I should not have been doing when I was 12.  Now I am off to Google Bars for Windows and Chasity Belts. I think they would both make excellent birthday presents for any 12 year old girl, especially mine.

Waiting Is No Fun

Tonight when Hubs gets home he will either be bringing GREAT! news or some really poopy news.  My fingers are crossed for the first.

Back later to let you know….

Tuesday morning: I still don’t know much more than I did yesterday. I am going with the no news is good news theory, although with no news I am not sure how long I should let myself believe it will be good news.  I will share details once I know one way or another.

Unexpected Visitors

Do you remember when I told you I got a letter in the mail?  It took me a few days to decide what to do but I sent her an email and much to my surprise she emailed me back. In the email she invited us to her mom’s birthday party, unfortunately with one day notice we couldn’t make it. I love her parents, Ma and Pa, more than all the shoes and oreos in the world, and was more upset about not seeing them than not seeing her  at the party, truth be told.

Last night I was working late and much to my surprise Ma and Pa came by to see me. I was ecstatic! Bossman called me to the phone while they were there and said I had tears in my eyes. They are such wonderful people who have had their fair share of trials but keep plugging along making the best of any given situation.

We are making plans to get together with them again very soon. They sure know how to make a girl who has been down in the dumps put a great big smile on her face.

I love you Ma and Pa and can’t wait to see you again.



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Its cold. I don’t like it. Sorry for all of you who think that this is warm this time of year.

I have on a long sleeve t-shirt, a thermal shirt, a sweater and a hoodie and am STILL freezing. In my defense we do not have heat in our building. Truth be told, I am just a great big wimp that doesn’t like to be

A Public Service Message

You can thank me now, or later which ever you prefer.  This morning I was at Target and guess what they have now?? These!!  I luv me some Chucks! The target website says they will be available in Feb. 08. My target must be gifted, as we all know it just isn’t quite Feb. yet.

I was just there Saturday and did not see them then (and I would have noticed them I am sure) and because they had my size I am guessing they just put them out. WooHoo! They were cheaper than what I usually pay for them as well.

Target + Chucks= One Happy Mar.

I am giving you fair warning so on the off shot that my target is your target and you wear a size 8.5 you have a chance to get a pair if you want before I go back and buy a pair in every color they have, that I don’t already own.

This concludes this public service announcement… Back to regular blog posts soon.

House Pictures!!

Going Upstairs
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As promised long ago some pictures of the house!! Today you get the upstairs, downstairs will have to wait for the camera to charge. Click on the picture to get more.

(For some reason it says photo unavailable, click on the box and it will take you to the set of pictures).