Not My Favorite Thing To Do

Can I ask you all a personal question? How often do you clean your bathtubs? We have one that we never use, although every time I clean the rest of that bathroom I feel like the bathtub needs to be cleaned. I have tried just rinsing it out but it bothers me later thinking that is really isn’t clean and I go back and just do it anyway.

I am not sure it matters to anyone but me. I suppose I worry that someone might look in the tub if they use that bathroom and think we are slobs. Although anyone who would just stop by would not be someone that I would care if they thought I had a dirty bathtub or not. If I know someone is coming over I do clean the bathtub just in case the feel the need to look in it.

Yup, OCD to say the least.

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4 comments on “Not My Favorite Thing To Do

  1. Sarah says:

    Uhm. Uhm.
    I live alone.
    I hate cleaning the bathtub.
    Guess how often it gets done?

    MAYBE once a month. If I take a bath, I’m good about really rinsing it out afterwards, but I probably take Comet to it once a month.

    I hate hate hate cleaning the bathtub.

  2. Audrey says:

    I hate cleaning the tub, too. But since I like to soak in the tub at least once a week, I make sure it isn’t visibly dirty and it gets a good rinsing out before I fill it with bubbles and water. An actual cleaning gets done about once every month (or sometimes two). I think that because of the baths, it doesn’t get as dirty as is normal. No one but me and my husband go in there so it’s not like I have to worry if someone is going to be judging it.

    Now, the other tub….the one in the guest bathroom, the one with the litter box is different. Sir Computer Extraordinaire vacuums it whenever he changes the litter box; so about every other day. It hasn’t even been used for showering since we moved into this place.

    Okay, so now I hope you won’t be grossed out by my tub cleaning (or lack thereof) skills.

  3. Michelle says:

    If there were one chore I would gladly never do again, it is cleaning the bathtub. Especially now that R got bathtub crayons (!3 sets!) for her birthday/Christmas. We have a tub that R bathes in nightly and a shower that sees at least two showers a day, more if Dave or I work out.

    I’m like Sarah. Once a month. And that is so disgusting. I know. I’m a dirty, dirty girl. But I don’t care.

  4. Christina says:

    Funny you should ask that today, I just finished cleaning the bathrooms. Nathan’s 4 months and I have cleaned it twice in his br, but I just use the baby tub inside the regular tub.. so not often. Our shower that we use daily (or I used to- HA!) is about every two weeks to keep up with the soap scum.
    I think rinsing it is fine if no one is using it.

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