Unexpected Visitors

Do you remember when I told you I got a letter in the mail?  It took me a few days to decide what to do but I sent her an email and much to my surprise she emailed me back. In the email she invited us to her mom’s birthday party, unfortunately with one day notice we couldn’t make it. I love her parents, Ma and Pa, more than all the shoes and oreos in the world, and was more upset about not seeing them than not seeing her  at the party, truth be told.

Last night I was working late and much to my surprise Ma and Pa came by to see me. I was ecstatic! Bossman called me to the phone while they were there and said I had tears in my eyes. They are such wonderful people who have had their fair share of trials but keep plugging along making the best of any given situation.

We are making plans to get together with them again very soon. They sure know how to make a girl who has been down in the dumps put a great big smile on her face.

I love you Ma and Pa and can’t wait to see you again.