A Public Service Message

You can thank me now, or later which ever you prefer.  This morning I was at Target and guess what they have now?? These!!  I luv me some Chucks! The target website says they will be available in Feb. 08. My target must be gifted, as we all know it just isn’t quite Feb. yet.

I was just there Saturday and did not see them then (and I would have noticed them I am sure) and because they had my size I am guessing they just put them out. WooHoo! They were cheaper than what I usually pay for them as well.

Target + Chucks= One Happy Mar.

I am giving you fair warning so on the off shot that my target is your target and you wear a size 8.5 you have a chance to get a pair if you want before I go back and buy a pair in every color they have, that I don’t already own.

This concludes this public service announcement… Back to regular blog posts soon.


3 comments on “A Public Service Message

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    Ooh! I want some! Awesome! I’ll have to check my Target. But my Target is lame and probably won’ have them! ;'(

  2. vixensden says:

    I am not nearly as ‘cool’ as Nanny, so I am not quite sure….please tell me you are talking about those converse shoes….oh please I love those things!!!!!!!!!

    I remember my first pair of converse, they were high tops and were gold in color, I was THE most awesome 13 year old on the face of the planet.

  3. mogosmom says:

    I have a Target right next to my apartment literally 2 minutes walking distance. I fully intend to stalk their shoe dept on a regular basis until I get a pair.

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