He Is Not The Welcome Wagon

Yesterday Hubs was outside doing who knows what, and it seems the people who are moving in next door were at their house.

Hubs came in and the first thing he said was “I promise I was nice”.

You see, Hubs can be a hot head and come across as a not so friendly person. Some of it is just that he is terribly shy (you know just like me HA!), and some of it is well he can be a hot head.

The neighbors were having some painting done inside, and their contractors were washing their paint supplies off in our yard, which isn’t the end of the world, but they were leaving a big mess. So Hubs went over to complain introduce himself and ask them to talk the mess makers.

He again promised me he was nice. I asked him what their names were, he didn’t know. I asked him how many kids they had (I have seen one), he didn’t know. I asked him when they were moving in, he didn’t know. 

 Sounds like you were real nice. I reminded him we were NEVER moving again and would have to quite possibly live next to these people for a very long time.  Maybe the people who move in on  the other side will like us. Sigh.


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