Well Hello There

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As with all things in my life right now, this silly ol’ blog included, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done.

Can I earn your forgiveness with a cute picture?? It was supposed to be our Christmas card picture. Then I was going to just do New Year’s Cards. Do you think everyone would think it was funny if I did Happy 4th of July cards? I may be able to fit it in between now and then. I wanted to put the dogs in boxes as well for the whole “We Just Moved” affect but Hubs refused to help me saying the dogs wouldn’t cooperate he.just.knew.it. I went outside called Noodle out, threw her in the box, called the dogs showed them a treat snapped one picture and we were done. (Don’t look close, she has her eyes closed).

I would try again but the stove box is gone (along with all of our “old” appliances, I never knew how much I would luv me some Craig’s list).

I have lots of stories to share, just not much time. Maybe tomorrow. Yippee! For one more day off.

Now, because I have ignored my family for the 32.4 seconds it took to type this they are demanding dinner and withering away to nothing as I sit here. I better go as I don’t know now how I would ever live with the guilt if they suddenly starved to death.


One comment on “Well Hello There

  1. ProjectMommy says:

    Lol, well we all know hwo ya get when you go a whole 32.4 seconds without food…well at least me…ravenous.

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