Where Does The Time Go

Uugh! Say it isn’t so… Tomorrow is School! These last 2 weeks have flown by. I am one mom who loves a nice break. Mostly I love them for selfish reasons, such as no homework and we get to sleep in but I do also enjoy the extra time with Noodle.

This last week I believe we had a least one, if not more, extra little body sleeping somewhere in our house every night! I used to love to have sleepovers and Noodle loves them as well. I do believe that after spending the last 3 days together non-stop Noodle and her BFF M were ready for some space. M loves coming to our house because it means no little sisters, Noodle loves going to M’s house well because there are little sisters. M also received a cell phone for Christmas and the two of them together with the phones left our sides hurting with all the laughing at with them. Apparently it is cool to text the person sitting next to you on the couch unless of course your mother does it then all coolness goes out the window.

Speaking of windows, we now have blinds on all of ours!! I know I told you I would tell you all about the blind disaster of 2007 but it gave me nightmares just thinking about it. Maybe soon when I am trying to clean out some drafts.  I came downstairs this morning and couldn’t figure out why the house was so dark, by golly it was because all the windows were covered! Imagine that. I am sure the few neighbors that we have are as thankful as I am.

I just tucked Noodle in, Hubs and the dogs are snoring in chorus, think I will call it a night as well. Hope everyone had a great weekend.