Yesterday a fellow mom at Noodle’s school told me that her husband was traveling for work (which he does quite often) and fell and shattered his rotater cuff in his shoulder. He was supposed to come home today. He is in a foreign country and in the hospital. Not good. They are trying to find someone from the company to fly to where he is and fly home with him as they will not release him or let him on the plane alone.

This is one of my biggest fears. That something will happen to one of us (Hubs or I) while we are out of the country. We travel at least once a  year for Hubs work. Every trip we have been on (4 so far, the 5th is right around the corner) someone has gotten hurt. Most (one was on a tour and the jeep rolled over, we were on that same jeep just hours before) not as badly as the dad with the shoulder but still enough to have to seek medical care in a foreign country. When we travel, it is a rewards trip and we stay in some pretty nice places, that though does not mean that right around the corner it is safe to walk down the street even in daylight.  Yes, I am a snot, but even if I wasn’t  I would still be very reluctant to seek medical attention in some of these countries. Thankfully, the dad is in a place that is not considered a Third World Country as some of those we have visited.

I have my fingers crossed that he makes it home for Christmas. I also hope that they can stabilize him enough so that he is somewhat comfortable on the flight. 10 hour flights are bad enough when you feel good, I can only imagine how bad they must suck when you are in agony.


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