Warning! Boring Post…

Sunday night I thought I was 100% caught up with laundry at our house. It took me 3 days to get it done but Sunday night when I put the last of it away I smugly thought to myself “Good Job!”.

Last night for some reason I went into Hubs closet (we each have a walk in) and there in the corner was a laundry basket piled about 3 feet high with dirty clothes. I couldn’t believe it. I guess at one point while I was folding clothes I thought it was weird that there weren’t more of Hubs clothes but apparently didn’t think much more about it.

Now I know why. I have never wanted a maid, cleaning I can do. But do I ever wish we had a laundry fairy. I don’t know how our small family of three can wear so many clothes in such a short time. I can’t imagine what it would be like if we had a bunch more kids.

Hopefully next post I will have something more interesting to talk about than laundry. Maybe if you ask nicely I will bore you to tears with a window blind nightmare we have been living. But only if you ask nicely!

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3 comments on “Warning! Boring Post…

  1. Audrey says:

    Window blind nightmare? I have one of those (three actually). Just be glad you don’t rent your home anymore…you can fix it without worrying the landlord won’t fix it and won’t give you your security deposit back. GRRRRRR….

  2. vixensden says:

    I tried to have Mr. Vixen do laundry. He was very willing, but severely lacking in the ‘able’ department. I ended up having to wash everything again….jeez.

  3. shannymar says:

    Uggg, laundry. I wish there was a laundry fairy as well.

    We live in an apartment with no washer and dryer in unit. I end up bringing about 6-7 loads of laundry over to my parents house every weekend because I hate sitting at the laundry mat.

    Do you think if I started leaving dollar bills under the hampers she would come?

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