The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

This morning was not pretty at our house. I got up went in told Noodle to get up and stumbled into the shower. Hubs came in to tell me he was leaving and I asked if Noodle was up. He told me he would go and get her up then. When I got out of the shower she was still in bed. She finally got up about 5 minutes later.

She went downstairs to eat and I went to get ready. About 20 minutes later I went down to feed the dogs and she was sitting on the couch watching a movie still in her pj’s. I told her we have to leave in 20 minutes!!

About 15 minuets later up the stairs she came to get dressed and fix her hair. She still had to make her lunch (i.e. put a lunchable in a paper bag), get her backpack and put on her shoes and socks.  I said to her “Keep moving Sissy”. Right then and there she lost it.  She burst into tears and said “I am, stop yelling at me”.  Then in one of my not so fine moments I looked at her and said “I was not yelling at you, THIS IS YELLING!”. Her little lip curled up and the tears just ran down her cheeks right over that little dimple I love so much. 

She finished getting ready at lightening speed and we were only (Ha!) 20 minutes late leaving the house. We didn’t utter a word to each other on the way to school. When she got out  of the truck I did tell her I was sorry and that I loved her.

I imagine that tomorrow she will be ready early. She aims to please and I am sure is beside herself that I was upset with her. Next week we will get back on track only to throw our schedule off with the holiday break that happens the two weeks after that.

I don’t like when I act like that towards her. Not one little bit, but sometimes I just can’t help it. We have tried so hard lately to just let her be and adjust to yet another move and enjoy having all her stuff again.

I wish they came with a users guide. Maybe hers is still in one of the many boxes we have yet to unpack. I sure hope tomorrow gets off to a better start. Mommy guilt sure sucks.

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4 comments on “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

  1. vixensden says:

    Man oh man, I remember that. It is funny that they only say stop yelling at me, when you (me) were not yelling. And then the only way to show them is by yelling! so they know what yelling is. Its a conundrum.

    Don’t feel bad, they don’t usually hold it against you for too long, lol

  2. Mallory says:

    If you find that owner’s manual, make sure you send me a copy! I like what Ariana Huffington said, “They take the baby out of you and put the guilt in.” I bet she will forget about the whole thing way before you.

  3. Michelle says:

    So excited to learn the Mommy guilt only seems to get worse as they age. How do we survive it?

  4. Audrey says:

    Don’t let her be an appeaser, please. I was brought up to be one and it makes my life HELL. The moment I perceive (real or imagined) that someone is angry/upset/disappointed/etc. I break down into tears and let it ruin my day and even let it make me depressed. I wouldn’t imagine trying to tell you how to be a parent (as I don’t know the first thing about it) but when I was reading this post I really felt for Noodle. I just saw myself is all. She won’t hold it against it that you had to do the “this is yelling” thing (my parents did that to me ALL the time…and so does my husband). Anyway…I’ve said too much already….

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