Last night the mother of a girl in Noodle’s class died. 

 It is going to be a long hard road for those she left behind.

Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. vixensden says:

    I don’t know what to say. I have a lot of thoughts but none that will type. Here:
    God, make me brave for life: oh, braver than this.
    Let me straighten after pain, as a tree straightens after the rain,
    Shining and lovely again.
    God, make me brave for life; much braver than this.
    As the blown grass lifts, let me rise
    From sorrow with quiet eyes,
    Knowing Thy way is wise.
    God, make me brave, life brings
    Such blinding things.
    Help me to keep my sight;
    Help me to see aright
    That out of dark comes light.

    For Noodle and her friend and everyone who needs it. I hope I do not offend.
    Love ya girl

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