Sometimes You Should Whisper

If this doesn’t get the spammers, I don’t know what will.

 This morning I was talking to Noodle’s teacher (remember she is at a Cath0lic school) and this is all Mama B heard as she was walking by:

Teacher: Mike was trying to roll me over and pull my pants off.

Mar: I hope he didn’t hurt you.

Mama B :(as she jokingly covered little M’s ears): WTF?

Now the story: Teacher was putting something in the back of her truck and smacked her knee cap on the ball hitch. She said she hit it so hard she literally knocked herself out for a minute. Her husband is a medic so after one of her kids ran in the house to get him and he helped her inside that is when he was trying to get her pants off so he could look at her knee.

She attempted to come to school and when I saw her limping that is when I asked what happened. She is skinny little cute thang and was wearing cute legging type pants (that I haven’t been able to wear since I was about 2) and you could see how swollen her knee was and that it was definitely not where it should have been in proportion to her other knee. OUCH!

I haven’t heard from her to know how she is doing but we are going to their house (which if you remember is just around the corner from the new house which will officially be mine in 13 days! ) for a birthday party Sunday afternoon. I hope she is ok, climbing the stairs won’t be easy if she is not and they also have a wee little baby that needs to be carried around.

I am glad it was Mama b who walked by and heard us talking. I can only imagine if it had been someone that would have heard just that bit of the story. Some people just have great big sticks you know where and don’t see the humor in things.


One comment on “Sometimes You Should Whisper

  1. Sarah says:

    That made me giggle! 🙂

    Did you ever email out passwords? I included my email in this comment in hopes of being one of the special people!

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