So Close, Yet So Far Away

Pretty Cabinets

Originally uploaded by Marlee Magoo

When they first started building the house we went out 3-4 sometimes even 5 days a week. We are down to going out about once a week these days, not that we aren’t excited, its pretty much dark by the time we can get there and they have started locking it up so if we aren’t there by the time the sales people go we can do little more than look in the window.

Anyway, for about the last month when we have gone out we keep saying there isn’t much else to do they could be done in no time if they wanted. Today we went out (this picture is about 2 weeks old, we have counters now) and we were like OMG! They better hurry! They only have 16 days to get everything done. It doesn’t look like they have done anything this last week, except for touch-up some texture on some of the walls. I also noticed that the island is turned the wrong way. I hope they can turn it without messing up any of the tile.

We are getting very anxious. It has been a very long 5 months. We are starting to get on each others nerves and to pick at each other for no reason. Even the dogs are going stir crazy. We have lots to do the next few weeks so I am sure the time will fly by but it does seem like November 30th will never get here.


One comment on “So Close, Yet So Far Away

  1. Mallory says:

    I bet they have done more than you think. I hope it comes out amazing for you!

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