Curiosity Killed the Cat (and maybe Vixen and Mallory too)

It seems I got Vixen and Mallory all worked up and excited over my last post. I hope I don’t disappoint you girls when I share with you why I was wondering.

I have had 3 friends in the past 2 years who have gotten married. (Well one is getting married this weekend). I hate to use the word older, but I would say they were older when they got married (28-30), rather than my first wave of friends and I who were younger (20-23ish). This also seems to be about the range for Vixen, Mallory, and Mimi.

Each of these 3 friends were married in less than a years time from when they met their respective spouse. So they met ( 2 0nline, 1 at church), got engaged, planned a wedding (all wonderful) and married in less than a year.  They all seem happy, it just seems very fast to me. If you know “they are the one”, why be in such a hurry? Have some fun before you have to grow up and play house.

What really got me to wondering was a friend of mine (P) actually took the friend getting married this weekend out on a few dates before she met Mr. Right. We were talking about her yesterday and the wedding, and P said “How long do you think it will last?”.

Some people you can tell are right for each other, some you wonder what they see in each other, and others you just shrug your shoulders but you wish all of them the best.

I truly do wish them all the best. I just wonder if they know each other well enough to make it. I sure hope so.

*Hubs and I dated 15 months before we were engaged, and hit 14 years in August. We were also the couple that people wondered what we saw in each other. (I am very outgoing and hubs is very quiet and reserved).  There are also days when he will says something and I will think I didn’t know that about you etc.