Do They Make Diapers For Dogs?

I have a dilemma  on my hands. Thing2 will not stop pooping on the floor.

When we first got her she was 7 weeks old and I just brought her to work with me everyday so I could take her outside when she needed to go or when I thought she needed to go. I had her housebroken in almost no time. I continued to bring her with me until she was about 9 months old but 75 pound black lab puppy + antique store = Bull in a china cabinet.

We did also crate train her (and Thing1) so when we went someplace she couldn’t go or at night that is where she slept. For the most part she did great, but on those rare occasions she did have an accident boy was it a big mess to clean up.

Our old house was a split / ranch style house and about 4 years ago (Thing2 is 6.5) we redid the carpet and tile and were able to use baby gates to keep them in the area of the house that was tile and where they had access to the doggy door.  They were as happy as could be so we took the crates away and they did fine.

Fast forward to the summer home. They were a bit on edge to be at a new place but never had an accident.

The first night we took the dogs to the fall home Thing2 went in and the first thing she did was pee pee on the floor. I just stood there in disbelief watching her because it had been a long time since she had done anything like that.

We have been in the fall home 12 days now and there has only been 1 day where we haven’t come home to a “surprise” somewhere in the house. 

I have tried scolding (she hates it when her mama is mad at her), rubbing her nose in it, yelling, and I am  sad to say hitting. I know it is her as when we come home she is hiding under the kitchen table. She knows she is naughty.  It scares me to leave them outside when we are not home as we really don’t know the neighborhood or any of the neighbors and if they were to get out it would be awful.

Hubs is on his way as I type to the storage unit to try and find the crates. My guess is he will open it, look from where he is standing say he can’t find it, close the door and head to the closest pet place and buy a new one. I hate, hate, hate to lock her up again as it seems it already way out of sorts and not understanding any of this as it is , but I also hate, hate, hate to pick up dog poop every night when I get home.

I am hoping once we get to the new house (In 47 days) and get the dogie door in she will be back to her old self and my worries will go away.

I can’t believe that I just wrote a 500 word post about dog poop when really all I wanted to know could have been asked in 11 words. How do I make my dog stop pooping on the floor?


3 comments on “Do They Make Diapers For Dogs?

  1. Audrey says:

    I wish I knew what to tell ya. That’s the exact reason I don’t think I will ever go back to having dogs. Love them, but jeez it is so much nicer to have pets that I NEVER had to train. Maddie was already housebroken when we got her and Percy just instinctively knew to go to the litter box. I know that my parents used those pottie pads when they were training our dogs. I know thing2 isn’t being trained anymore, but maybe she would go there and at least then all you would have to do is pick up the pottie pad…..

  2. vixensden says:

    Don’t feel bad about having to use the crate. Dogs just don’t do change all that well. It took months for ours to get used to being in a new place. It might be that she is showing her dissatisfaction, but it might also just be nerves. So using the crate may help calm her. We hadn’t ever used crates until we moved and now that is their safe place…they won’t give them up.

  3. Michelle says:

    If she likes to go in the same place, they make “puppy pads” that are really for housetraining, but when my first dog got old and couldn’t hold it as long, I used them with her. You can get them at most big box pet stores…

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