Some New Bling For Da Mouth

Well, I survived. It wasn’t so bad if you don’t consider that it took 4 hours, I have a black and blue chipmunk cheek, and I needed a crown.  Lucky me, I get to go back the 31st and have my permanent crown put on. Lets hope that the temporary one does not come off before then.

I think I must have told the hygienist a few hundred times that I was a great big wimpy baby and to please be nice to me. She only jabbed me one time and it only hurt for a second. The dentist is actually a very nice guy. He numbed me up, I turned on my I-Pod, flipped on the dorky glasses that they get you to wear and was off in my own little world.

And I don’t know about you but I am having a hard time seeing the benefits of dental insurance. Yes, they pay some but it sure didn’t seem like much yesterday. Such is life I suppose.

Thank you for the emails and comments letting me know that you are all great big wimps about going to the dentist as well. They really did make me feel better :).