From Half Empty to Half Full

I pick Noodle and her BFF up after work when they are done with sports. The first thing I always ask them is “How was your day?”. Most of the time they are complaining before they even get all the way in the truck. About 2 weeks ago I picked them up and told them “You have to tell me one good thing that happened before you tell me a bad thing, and you each have to say something different”.

Today as they piled in the truck I asked “How was your day? Who wants to go first?”. They were both so excited and couldn’t wait to share their day.  It was a great thing to see them both happy and smiling. Just before we got to M’s house they turned the tables on me and wanted to know one good thing that happened to me today. It was awesome. My highlight? Finding this!  

Ok, your turn. Whats one good thing that happened to you today?