Mi Casa es Su Casa, Su Want It?

We are pretty much moved in the fall home. To say we are adjusting would be an understatement. I, the only one of us in our wee family who went to look at it before we mailed them a big o chunk of dough to save it! For! Us! , is miserable. I hate it. Yes, I looked at it. It seems I did not look close enough. It is a cute little house. It is just older and has been a rental for the past 12- 15 years.

I was going to tell y’all all about it last night BUT when I went to put my sweet little Noodle to bed I walked by the bathroom and the carpet in the hallway was wet. Now when we moved in they told us the toilet ran a bit, but they are paying the water bill so that shouldn’t affect so could we just keep an eye on it, I went into the bathroom and there was about 2″ of water on the floor. Uugh. The toilet was doing more than running it was spewing water all over the floor. I called the owner (I suck at being a tenant but I sure love having a landlord when something breaks) and she and the handyman showed up this morning to replace the entire toilet.  I sure hope its a nice as Vixen’s!

Not only is the toilet broken everything else seems to be on about its last leg as well. I have vowed I will not use the oven or stove. Old I can handle, dirty, not so much. Anybody have any some what easy recipes that can be made in the electric skillet? Its either that, the grill or we are eating out. When hubs went to pick up the key that still doesn’t work the owner told him that when we use the microwave we may not want to stand directly in front of it. Turns out it is from 1977. A gift she said from her parents when she graduated with her masters. 1977! I wasn’t even out of diapers in 1977 people!

The owner also told me as she was showing me around and opened up a kitchen drawer and found a handful of taco bell hot sauce packets that people sometimes leave things behind as a somewhat “Pay It Forward” type thing. So far I found a half eaten jar of no sugar jelly in the fridge, and half of a bag of white rice full of bugs. The rice I pitched. The jelly? Can I just say to you, Ewwww. I do not know who lived in that house before me or how tenants ago left that jar of jelly. I think I just convinced myself to pitch that as well.  I must go now before I have you all convinced that I am a snotty, shallow, ungrateful Beeotch. (But if you ask really nicely I just might take pictures of the  turquiose faux leather furniture next to the fire engine red wall to share with all of you).

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2 comments on “Mi Casa es Su Casa, Su Want It?

  1. vixensden says:

    You only wish you had a super, sweet yellow toilet like mine. In fact, if you want, we can trade!

  2. Audrey says:

    OMG! That’s awful! You poor thing. I hope your house gets done soon!

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