It Happens In 3’s

Monday night we attempted to move from the summer home to the fall home. We were off to great start until Hubs locked my keys in the truck. After about 3o mins of trying to figure out what to do, I remembered I had an extra key at work. So I went to work to get the key. Thankfully, or not, my work keys are on a different key ring than the truck keys. Well after I left work I threw those keys into the console in hubs truck and forgot about them. After I got back to the summer home and we got my truck open we finished loading up both trucks, both dogs and Noodle. Off we went to the fall home. Turns out the key the owner of the fall home gave hubs was to the inside garage door NOT the front door. GRRR. I tried calling the owner of the home right as I was losing my shit on the end of the driveway. It went to voice-mail and I wasn’t sure when she would call so back into the trucks we went and back to the summer home. Once we got back there we had to unload everything that was in the back of the trucks so it wasn’t all out all night. Again, GRRR.

Yesterday morning when I got to work is when I remembered that my keys were in hubs truck. At least I did remember to bring the extra truck key back with me though. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

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4 comments on “It Happens In 3’s

  1. zoot says:

    Yeah – I’ve had those days before. The Universe mocks our pain, doesnt it? 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    The thing is, I totally believe you. The same thing could easily happen to me. Easily.

  3. Audrey says:

    Moving sucks! There isn’t two ways about it.. It just sucks.

  4. vixensden says:

    Reasons enough why I could never live two places….I would continually be in the wrong one with the wrong keys.

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