My Bad (and other ramblings)

Earlier today I was surfin my favorite blogs and I popped over to see what was happening in Mal’s little part of the Internet. Seems she was thinkin some of her peeps were not showing her the bloggy love by not letting her comments show up. GUILTY AS CHARGED!! I didn’t realize that some of you fine people were leaving comments and that they were being marked as spam. Heck, I think I fixed it but I will keep watching the spam folder from now on to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Smooches to all of you!!

On a completely different note… We spent Friday evening at the Mama B house with friends and had a fab time. It seems friends, food and a whole bottle  little booz does make you feel a little better. (I am so going to miss not living right around the corner from them, its great because we can both drink and no one is left out and then just walk home). Our Saturday was spent at some other friends house playing the Wii. Seems to be our Saturday night ritual lately. Noodle cracks me up swinging that remote around. Last night she told someone “Bring it on”, I think I may have peed my pants.

The new house has insulation! Woo Hoo! 2 more months and we will have a place we can call home again!!

 And right now? We have our windows and doors open and it is actually nice!! The dogs are lovin it sitting at the front door watching the world go by. Heres hoping cooler temps are coming our way!!

Hope everyone has a great week. I sure am looking forward to one that is sure to be better than the last one.


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