What Do You Remember

I remember I was getting out of the shower when Hubs came into the bathroom and told me that a plane had just hit one of the towers. I went over to the t.v. and watched in utter shock. I remember the two of us talking about it, never considering that it was on purpose until we saw them show the second plane hit.

I remember dropping Noodle  off at school that morning. She was in kindergarten. There was a little girl in her class, her name is Hope,  Noodle always called her Hoak for what ever reason. Hoak was just like the tazmanian devil, always running at 100 miles per hour. She has flamming red hair and that is how we always knew it has her running by as it was always a flash of red. That morning I was standing next to Noodle waiting for the bell to ring and Hoak came up to me and grabbed my hand. She just stood there holding onto me. Then she said I saw the airplanes on t.v. and I am sad. We were all sad Hoak, we still are.

I remember the days following you could stand at the end of our street and look down and see a flag flying from just about every house. This morning there were two. The lady who lived next door was from New York, as is the guy who still lives across the street on the corner, the lady directly across the street, also from from New York. What are the odds. One of them lost a family member, another a few friends. They will always remember.

This morning, 5 years later I was once again dropping Noodle off at school. After the bell rang they had a prayer service. As the first graders were reading little poems and such, I thought to myself, what do they remember? 5 years ago, most of them were about 2. They will only remember what they were taught. They will not remember seeing it on t.v. when it happened. They will not remember the flags flying in neighborhoods. But I will and so will Hoak.

I will also remember what those 1st graders, the ones who were too little to remember, said this morning. “We knew it would be ok because the next day, the sun came up and the moon and the stars were out when we went to bed and our moms and dads tucked us in our beds making us feel safe and warm”. I will remember those children we saw on t.v. who lost their parents and will never have them to tuck them in again.

I will remember every time I see Hoak. I will remember every time I see a flag. Now, I will remember every time I see the sun and the stars and the moon.


2 comments on “What Do You Remember

  1. Vixen says:

    Great post! I did one too.

  2. Audrey says:

    I was in the ninth grade…in math class getting ready for my geometry test when I got word of what had happened. I remember thinking, “Oh shit, there’s going to be a war.” My parents picked me up from school and we headed over to my aunt’s house. There we just spent the day together as a family and watched the events unfold on tv. We watched the buildings fall as it happened. Very surreal. It was like that for a lot of people my age. Surreal was the only word for it. To say the least, I didn’t take that test that day.

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